Smart Clients Use Jiggsa.


So many people have responded to Jiggsa in a way that we love even more than eloquent, carefully constructed sentences. It’s primitive. It’s… people being people.

From “ummm… it’s like…I don’t know what… I’m lost for… you know…” to “whoah… just, whoah” we love the gut reactions to Jiggsa.

However, we can’t fill a page with those, and it’s just as satisfying to hear what people have to say once they’re calmed down. Here are the latest testimonials from some very satisfied Jiggsa clients:

They have played an instrumental part in our development strategy – Developer

Call and they get it done – Project Superintendent

Our firm selected Jiggsa because we wanted to show our customers that we are thinking ahead. Our buyers have been thrilled with the experience. – Homebuilder

When we needed to start thinking about standardizing across our multiple properties, low-voltage is a pain. Jiggsa is setting the standard solution set that provides us with integrated solutions in all of our new properties, while providing a bridge to get our old properties there too. – Property Owner/Operator

One stop to get ideas, solution design, budget numbers and install. – Developer

The home theater rocks – Happy Homeowner

You could be the next person being bowled over by the Jiggsa difference.