The Delivery Guy is Going to Get There Before Me.

Business owners are already up at the crack of dawn, and it’s still hard to handle the morning rush. But no worries, with Jiggsa you can take deliveries on site without being there. Just open the door remotely, let he driver drop it inside safely, and close up shop behind him.


Did The Store Get Opened?

It’s John’s first day opening up shop, and although you trust him…you don’t. But Jiggsa can let you see if everything is ready to go without having to be that annoying mosquito of a boss who is always buzzing in your employees ears.


Let’s Lower That Energy Bill.

Keeping the lights on is one thing. But keeping them on all day and night, that’s just money down the drain. Jiggsa can create an automated system to respond to the temperature outside. So on those days when Jimmy wants it as hot as a sauna, he’ll just have to wear three sweaters and drink a lot of coffee.


Please Don’t Flake On Me…

It’s always the same. In a big presentation, everything goes south. The screens are out, the lights are flickering, none of the gadgets are talking to each other, and you look like a lemon. Well, you don’t. Jiggsa can even help sort that mess out, and seamlessly. Carry on.


Did The Store Get Closed?

You wake up in a cold sweat at 2.14am. Did John manage to close up shop as easily as he opened it? Jiggsa can give you all the details, and let you lock everything down if John happened to make the odd mistake. Hey, he’ll learn.


An Alarm? At 4am?!

The siren is going off, waking you from the sleep you just got back into. Jiggsa will feed you live or recorded video to show you what happened. This time, it was just a hailstorm pounding against an open window. But if it’s more serious, you’ve got it all on tape. Sleep well.

Every system is different, but the basic idea is…you’ve got more control than you ever dreamed of. This is how Jiggsa can change your life, at home or at work, right now.

Sometimes, those predictions about future living really do come true.