"It's all about that glass, bout that glass, no copper"


It “is” all about that Fiber

Today, gig is not just a desire or “nice to have”.  It is necessary to open up your business or home to endless technology 

Fiber can be a scary or a sexy word depending on who you’re talking to. Fact is, it’s not that hard to understand, nor as expensive as you think if you’re talking to the right person.

The stuff to make all of this possible is now ready for the commercial and residential “everyday” person.  In English – that means businesses can put in blazing cost-effective fiber infrastructure and home builders can provide choices to their customers far beyond the copper of yesterday.

But where does the fiber stop and the copper begin?  How do they live together in harmony?  What is a GPON network versus a point to point?  (We lost you on that last one.  We meant to.)

Let Jiggsa answer these questions and put the pieces together for you. Send us a note: fiber@jiggsa.com