Did I Close the Garage?

The coffee hasn’t quite kicked in yet, and you can’t remember if you closed the garage door. Hey, it happens. With Jiggsa, you just pull up the app, see if it’s open, and close it with the touch of a button.


I Need to Let the Delivery Guy In

You’re away at a meeting and the delivery driver is on your doorstep. Sure, he could try hiding the 4ft square box under the doormat. But you and Jiggsa are way ahead of him. He gives you a call — and you quickly unlock the door, let him leave the package, lock the door, and rearm the system. This is not the future, this is right now.


Are the Kids Home Yet?

The kids make it home from school long before you get home from work. Are they ok? Is everything cool? Well, Jiggsa will tell you. It can snap a picture or video of them entering the house, and send it to you. Peace of mind is handled.


Did I Leave the Heat Blasting?

Jiggsa has everything under control; even the temperature. It can automatically adjust to daytime temperature when the system is armed, shutting off the lights and controlling either the heat or air conditioning. Your bills are lowered, and so is your stress.


I Gotta Let the Babysitter In

After a hard day at work, you want to get out and see a movie. But you didn’t want to give the babysitter your access code. No worries, Jiggsa will create a temporary one for her that will last just one day.

We could go on and on . . . but you get the point.

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