Let’s Talk About Puzzles.

If the name sounds familiar, it should. The very foundation of Jiggsa deals in problems and solutions. Or to put it another way, puzzles that need to be solved.

Every building or business, large or small, requires a technology unique solution. There are pieces that fit together perfectly to create a complete picture.


The Brain.

Design, Project Management, and Process.

Who’s brain? Well, ours really.

With the brain part of Jiggsa, we start by analyzing your current situation, and this requires a genuine symbiosis. Tell us everything you know, we’ll happily take it all in and get to work.


The Brawn.

Installation, Vendor Management, and Product Procurement.

The other Jiggsa consulting specialty is the muscle. Again, you can come to us directly for this, or employ it after the “brain” part of the process.

We take the weight off developers by dealing with the fiber, the cables and the wires that make the hi-speed wifi, theaters and overall ‘cool stuff’ work. From the house, to the building, to the whole multi-family development, we’ll get it powered for the 21st century.


The Blended.

Complete Package, Customized Solutions.

We definitely like to handle both parts of the equation, because the puzzle pieces come together beautifully when both sides work in tandem. But we are comfortable working separately in either area of expertise.

We can do any piece… one piece, two pieces, or the whole puzzle. It’s up to you.