Meet the SmartBuilding.

Now the smartest guy in the room…IS the room.

No offense to the brightest spark in your company or design team (and if that’s you, it makes perfect sense that you’re reading this), but Jiggsa has everyone else licked. And that’s ok, because no one person could do everything Jiggsa does. If they did, they’d never sleep. Or eat. Or…well, you get the picture.

Jiggsa is like a master of all trades, doing the jobs of designers, tech wiring installers, trained security staff, energy conservation specialists, workflow managers, infrastructure directors, and even communications experts. Let’s break down the elements of Jiggsa SmartBuilding:

SmartBuilding Access Control
It’s like having your own combination to every door. Nice.
SmartBuilding Surveillance
Your eyes and ears are everywhere, but you don’t have to be. Jiggsa Enterprise Surveillance gives you that power from a smart phone or tablet. Easy.
SmartBuilding Automation
Complete control of your office’s energy usage, lighting and other facilities, all from one hub. The power… it can be addictive, don’t expect it everywhere.
SmartBuilding Energy
Ditto the Automation. Why waste our energy repeating ourselves?
SmartBuilding Fire Stopping
Our fire and gas sealant process cocoons and ensures the safety of the building unit. Talk about safe and secure.
SmartBuilding Infrastructure
You’ll become way more efficient with our partnerships (fiber to cloud) that handle everything from data circuits, video content & VOIP phones, to even Geek on Call. We’ll make your building talk, inside and out.

What does all this mean? Partner with Jiggsa’s design team to write the specs, develop the plan, and make it happen.